Manufactured since 1972 by Fyns Kork- & Metalindustri.

Quality – Flexibility – Realibility

– key words that characterize HEAT-ON products.

To that end, the entire production process takes place within our own facilities:

The cabinets are made of steel plate which is punched, drawn, bent and welded. Prior to the final surface treatment, the parts are cleaned in a washing plant which provides corrosion protection. Finally, the cabinets are powder coated with polyester enamel which is hardened at 200°C.

The radiators are made of copper and brass, and soldered in our own plant. All radiators are tested for tightness before the environmentally friendly enamel is applied.

The majority of the components for the most compact HEAT-ON blowers are manufactured in our own facilities, and we use only recognized suppliers for the small number of parts we have to buy from other manufacturers.

As may be seen from the above, Fyns Kork-& Metalindustri has considerable expertise which benefits all our customers. This becomes especially apparent when we team up with manufacturers of machines and/or cabs to construct new heaters. We are particularly effective at producing compact, high-powered solutions, and we can manufacture even small series at competitive prices.

HEAT-ON is used by well-known European cab manufacturers, and you will find HEAT-ON products in Toyota, Mitsubishi, CAT, TCM and Schäffer. HEAT-ON products are also fitted in buses, boats and delivery vans used for the transport of flowers and electronics.