Air Tubes

Tubes Air tubes and connectors. Other diameters on request

Demister Tube

very flexible PVC tube

1518-1 Internal diameter: 40 mm
1045 Internal diameter: 45 mm
1050 Internal diameter: 50 mm
1075 Internal diameter: 75 mm

Reductions / Demister
Tube Connectors

66137 for Tube I. d. 45mm
65707 for Tube I. d. 50mm
65717 for Tube I. d. 55mm
65887 for Tube I. d. 60mm
65897 for Tube I. d. 70mm
65727 for Tube I. d. 75mm


Rubber Elbow

for 40 mm diameter demister tube

T 50/40/45
Demister Tube

for demister tubes with internal diameters 50, 40 and 45 mm

Connector Plate

Stainless steel used for demister tube connectors

Inlet Plate

Stainless steel used for demister tube connectors